Welcome!  I’m so happy to connect with you in virtual space.

I’m Rachel, and I help people create lives they love, navigate life transitions, discern paths forward, connect with their inner wisdom, and find ways to welcome more pleasure, joy, and freedom into their lives. 

In essence, I help folks find and live their magic – basically whatever it is that makes you say: “so THIS is why I incarnated into this particular dimension of time-space reality!”  It’s the feeling of flying toward infinity and burrowing into the here and now.  It’s soul-deep satisfaction and world-expanding aliveness.  It’s freedom, mystery, truth, and clarity.

I believe magic leads us toward paradox and into both-and spaces.  I believe it wants to come alive in us and in the world.  And I believe the best kind of magic…

  • Is earthy and grounded.
  • Asks us to engage the world, not escape it. 
  • Doesn’t bypass the hard stuff, individual and collective: pain, injustice, and oppression.
  • Wants us to be both awake to what’s real and alive to what’s possible.

Whatever form it takes, I believe the world needs your magic.  And I believe you have everything you need within you to bring it to life.