I do this work because I want more aliveness set free in the world. I want more people to enjoy, express, and catalyze their alive power. I’m on a mission to help folks live into the depth and vastness of their true selves, fight for their freedom, and uncover their capacity for creation, transformation, and growth.

I’m super interested in the answer to this question: in this moment, what is your most clear, resonant, dangerous, deep-in-your-bones truth?

One day several years ago, I was walking through the woods after a graduate school semester had ended when I noticed a rare, strange, and glorious feeling: the opening and clarity of empty space, which felt a lot like peace and power.  In that instant, I knew I wanted quiet walks in the woods - and this feeling of aliveness and freedom - more than I wanted a PhD, so I decided to be done with school after that.  This pretty much sums up the way I try to be in the world these days.

I see life as a dynamic adventure shaped by beautiful chaos and unruly paradox. I believe life works well when we claim our agency to create, celebrate the beauty, honor the grief, channel our strength all together and all at once, and embrace the radiant weirdness and inherent bigness in ourselves and others.

I believe so much of living a good life starts and ends with our capacity to be with ourselves - to be embodied and grounded, to feel, to have a direct experience of life through the body. Stillness and quiet are my go-to cures for just about anything, as is creating space to reconnect with my body to feel what I’m avoiding, be with what hurts, restore energetic flow, and sink into beingness. 

I love running, weaving words, pushing the edges, and talking about the deep stuff: life, death, God, magic, cosmic mysteries, Star Wars… stuff like that.  My happy place is the meditation chair in my attic where I can be found writing, meditating, doing art or magic, coaching, or chilling with the ancestors. I love old trees, weird dreams, full moons, and high altitudes.