In our work together, we build bridges of connection to your alive power, summon the beautiful depth and paradoxical vastness of you, restore the flow of your catalytic life-force energy, inspire your vision and imagination, and create whatever is calling you forward.

This work takes all sorts of forms, but here’s some of what it can look like:

  • Real talk about the deep stuff that matters to you.

  • Deep dives into your intuition, knowing, and embodied wisdom.

  • Identifying, interrupting, and shifting unhelpful patterns, ideas, and identities to open space for clarity, flow, freedom, and forward motion.

  • Respect for the paradoxical realness and beautiful complexity of your life, experience, and self.

  • Space to dream, grieve, feel, process, imagine, make plans, and/or take action.  (This work can look like all of this, and we work together in ways that feels right to you and meet you where you are on the road.)

  • A collection of tools and practices you can take with you and continue to use as you go.

  • Experiences of truth, flow, and power.

  • Encouragement and guidance as you set out on bold adventures, navigate your roadmap, encounter challenges along the way, process inner shifts and transformations, and create beautiful things.

This is powerful work that goes deep, changes things, and creates results. So whether you’re looking to navigate a life transition, discern a path forward, reach a goal, live a more balanced, grounded, and contented life, expand your emotional-spiritual toolkit, or deepen into who you are, this work is a powerful and transformative catalyst.

I work with folks in 3-month containers. This package includes weekly coaching calls (13 total) with email support between calls. Investment is $1500.

I offer an hour of free coaching for folks ready to experience this magic first-hand, so if you’re curious about coaching, challenge yourself to give it a try!

I would truly love to connect. We’ll have fun, get some problems solved, and you’ll leave with concrete next steps to continue the work.

Contact me here, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.