“I re-read your reading and was astonished all over again.  The insights you had regarding my personal situation were beautiful and intuitive.  There was nothing occult about the reading – it was all love, hope, and possibility.  I loved your calm, intuitive, kind, and gentle wording and the breadth and depth of insights that you gave in your interpretations.  You have really caused a healing to take place for me in this area of my life.  Thank you, Rachel.”

-Eve N.


"When I signed up for a Tarot reading with Rachel, I was hoping for confirmation.  I had recently been receiving some big ideas and actions to take, but I was feeling small and afraid.  Every single card that she pulled had significant meaning and directly related to my situation.  Not only did I receive FULL confirmation that I am on EXACTLY the right path, her reading also gave me the energy I needed to boldly take the next steps forward.  Rachel’s intuition is spot on and I trust her knowing completely.”

- Michelle W.


"Rachel is a very intuitive coach.  We worked together through a very difficult time in my life and I always appreciated her attentive, calming presence. She asked questions that gently challenged my thinking and her sense of humor and playfulness encouraged me to not take it all too seriously. It was a pleasure to work with her."

– Aubri T.


"Rachel is a terrific coach, and I would absolutely recommend working with her.  She helped me look at several deep issues from a new perspective, and this was extremely helpful.  I found her coaching to be the epitome of gentle work that goes deep. Thanks, Rachel, for a wonderful coaching experience."

– Leah C.


"After working with Rachel, I feel more in touch with my body compass, have new courage, and am more aware of my thoughts.  Rachel brought Martha Beck’s concepts to life in a compassionate, friendly, and encouraging way.  It couldn’t have gone any better!"

– Rita D.



"I loved my Tarot reading from Rachel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely didn’t anticipate the level of detail she provided. Her explanation of the cards and their meanings—and how they might apply to my situation—was very thorough and helpful. She obviously gets a great deal of information intuitively, and the messages she had for me really resonated. I got the direction that I needed, and everything felt very comforting and supportive. I keep referring to the reading and each time I find something new. I highly recommend Rachel; she definitely has a gift for this!"

– Ashley Ellington Brown, author of A Beautiful Morning: How a Morning Ritual Can Feed Your Soul and Transform Your Life.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Tarot Reading, as I haven’t had much experience with it in the past and the little I did have didn’t feel all that helpful to me.  But when Rachel did a reading for me, it really opened with the profound meaning of Tarot, and her intuition and interpretation of the cards were incredibly insightful and resonated very deeply with me.  I think Rachel’s coaching skills along with her keen intuition and understanding of the Tarot is what made it so valuable.  She listened to my response to her reading and helped me go deeper with some of the themes that came up.  I’m so grateful I had the reading and would highly recommend it.  It was incredible.”

- K.B.


"Rachel is an insightful, skillful, soothing and caring coach who helped me break through old patterns and embrace an empowered way of being in the world. Her strategies are portable yet magical, pragmatic yet transcendent. Rachel listens and cares deeply. If you want change from the inside out, Rachel is a wonderful guide."

– Rebecca T.